Leisure 2021

What is this life if all we dare Is to sit alone all day and stare At TV screens, computers and phone And shake our heads when we are shown The lastest disasters to unfold And believe when we are being told That climate change will kill the earth Insulate your lofts for all yourContinue reading “Leisure 2021”

Push the Button

If anyone knows where the reset button is, please could you push it NOW!

Knitting for Fitness Pt 2

Well, good news. Knitting is classified as a NEPA or non-exercise physical activity. These are daily activities that burn off calories but are not specifically a form of exercise. So sitting and knitting for a hour will burn off 100-150 calories! This equates to 30 mins of light exercise. This is very welcome news. TheContinue reading “Knitting for Fitness Pt 2”

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